Christmas Apple, Orange and Cinnamon Jelly

  This is one of my favourite Christmas recipes. It has a light but warming flavour – perfect for the festive season! To Make Apple, Orange and Cinnamon Jelly 1 kg cooking apples 4 oranges 1kg caster sugar 1   1/2 litres water 4 cinnamon sticks Chop the fruit roughly without peeling and add the cinnamon … Continue reading

Blueberry, Lemon and White Chocolate Sponge

Blueberries are delicious with a little lemon or lime and in this cake I’ve used them with lemon and white chocolate. The lemon adds a slight tartness to the blueberries and really brings out their flavour. The white chocolate adds a creamy sweetness that really complements this. I made a 6” round sponge, using two … Continue reading

Great British Bake Off – Tarts

Week 5 on The Great British Bake Off saw the intrepid bakers challenged with pies and tarts. I decided to make a Raspberry and Lemon Custard Tart. I used Pate Sucree – a French recipe for a sweet pastry but added lemon zest to the mix. I blind baked it to provide a cooked tart … Continue reading

Lavender Scones and Apple Curd

I recently made a foodie gift package for a friend and wanted to make something that was pretty as well as tasty. First I made some rosewater meringues – swirled with pink colouring. Then I made Lavender scones which were gorgeous! They are really easy – I just added a handful of crushed Lavender flowers … Continue reading

Easy Blood Orange and Port Marmalade

Last year I made marmalade for the first time but found it quite laborious as the recipe had me boiling oranges in their skins and then chopping the skins finely. It took me an age and was incredibly messy! Recently I have been longing to try marmalade again and have had lots of lovely organic … Continue reading

Orange, Pistachio and Avocado Cake

Last year I baked my first avocado cake and discovered a delicious new cake ingredient. You would never know the cake has avocado in it but it gives a light, moist creamy texture and flavour. I’ve finally got round to making another but decided to add some more flavours as the avocado is very subtle. This … Continue reading

Rhubarb, Strawberry and Rose Cakes

For the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations I have chosen bakes that are inspired by British summertime. I love rhubarb and still have plenty in the garden and that along with strawberries are very typically British. Roses are one of our most popular flowers too and as I have some lovely deep red ones growing at the moment I decided to … Continue reading

Apricot Swiss Cakes

I baked my Apricot Swiss Cakes  using the recipe in Mary Berry’s book – 100 Cakes and Bakes. They were made with butter, icing sugar, self-raising flour and cornflour and piped into baking cases. Mary says that they were traditionally made with a small amount of a red jam put into the centre but she has … Continue reading

Glorious Grapefruit Cake!

Mini Grapefruit Drizzle Cakes These were made with gluten free flour but would be equally nice made with ordinary self raising flour. Mine are slightly more crumbly than they would be with ordinary flour but were delicious! 150 ml grapefruit juice ( I found this to be 1 grapefruit ) 75 g  sugar plus 2 teaspoons to decorate 2 eggs 100g … Continue reading