Rosewater Cupcakes

Rosewater Cupcakes for Mother’s Day

Rosewater gives a lovely delicate taste to cakes and is perfect for a cupcake. The recipe will give 10 – 12 cupcakes which are lovely for an afternoon tea – just right for mum on Mother’s Day. Alternatively, serve them in vintage bone china tea cups or put them in lacy wrappers and pretty boxes tied with ribbon for a scrumptious gift.

Rosewater Cupcakes


100g Butter, softened

110g Caster Sugar

2 Teaspoons Rosewater (I used Neilsen-Massey)

120g Self-Raising Flour

2 Tablespoons Cornflour

2 Medium Eggs, beaten

3 Tablespoons Milk


Heat the oven to 160c and place cupcake cases in a 12 hole muffin tin.

Beat the butter and caster sugar together well until soft and creamy. Add all the other ingredients and beat to combine but for no more than one minute. Divide between the cake cases ( you can make between 10 – 12 depending how much mixture you put in each.)

I decorated my cupcakes with buttercream with half a teaspoon of rosewater added. Then I added fondant toppers and flowers for Mother’s Day but these cupcakes would be equally lovely at any spring or summer tea party.

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