Great British Bake Off – Baguettes

Last week’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ challenged the bakers in the tent to bake a variety of breads. Now bread has not been something I often try at home so I’m always very impressed by the skills shown in the tent. Last year I tried Paul’s ciabatta recipe and surprised myself by how yummy they were so I was keen to try something new this year. I was very happy to see baguettes on the agenda as I really love a proper French baguette and I knew a friend of mine had brought back some French bread flour from a holiday. After scrounging some of the bread flour I set about following the baguette recipe in the new ‘The Great British Bake Off – Celebrations’ book. The recipe is not easy to follow for a bread beginner and I soon began to feel the pressure, even without the television cameras and Paul and Mary looking over my shoulder. Paul has a way of asking specific questions about what the bakers are doing and then looks very scathing as though they’re making a horrible mistake. Goodness only knows what he would have made of my dough and the mess in my kitchen. I have to say I was totally ecstatic to find that something fairly edible came out of the oven at the end. No, it wasn’t four evenly sized baguettes with the perfect golden, crispy crunchy outside and open, airy crumb inside. However, they tasted delicious and I’m so glad I had a go as I certainly learnt a lot more about how to handle dough!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


Here are some of the things we’ve learnt so far on The Great British Bake Off
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