Rose Iced Cookies

Last week was ‘biscuit week’ on The Great British Bake Off and we saw some of the bakers ‘crumble’ under the pressure in the tent (sorry!!!) Here’s a recap of the baking fun.

I had great intentions of trying to create an amazing showstopper biscuit ‘box’ filled with biscuits but sadly didn’t have enough time – I’m really not sure that I could have created anything half as amazing as the bakers though. So my bake this week involved creating a very simple but delicious rose icing to decorate some quick cookies.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some lovely roses in my garden and have collected rose petals…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Rose Petals

I rinsed off the petals very carefully and then lay them out on a tray covered with kitchen roll to dry…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Rinse the rose petals very carefully

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Drying rose petals

I then added my dried rose petals to a jar topped up with granulated sugar. This makes rose petal sugar but when trying to use this in the past I’ve struggled to know how to use it as dried rose petals are horribly chewy so need to be removed from the sugar. I came up with a great solution which is to put the petals along with the sugar into a food processor and blitz them together. This gives a rose petal icing sugar which can be used in baking or to decorate. I found mine was quite strong so I added just a teaspoon full at a time to ordinary icing sugar to get the perfect flavour.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Rose Petal Sugar

This icing was so pretty and delicious and perfect to ice simple vanilla cookies…


Rose Iced Cookie

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