Selling Home-made Cakes – Costing/Pricing

This is a guest post which has been written for me and I’ve found it really helpful. I’ve now set up my own cake company from home and one of the most challenging things I’ve found is correctly pricing my cakes. I hope it’s helpful to anyone else thinking about selling their home-made bakes.

Cost a Cake Pro: One of the Best Apps for Bakers

Baking can be one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. There’s nothing quite like spending hours in the kitchen creating something delicious with your hands and then seeing your friends’ and family’s smiles as they taste your bakes. What’s even better is that you can actually turn this hobby into a business, selling your home-made cupcakes to order.

But just as with any business, sometimes, we encounter a few problems, including not knowing how to price your products. Pricing is both the biggest problem small businesses face, and the most common, and sometimes, you may end up selling yourself short, barely making a profit between buying ingredients and accounting for labour and delivery costs. It often takes a lot of trial and error to be able to quote the proper price for your cupcakes, but not anymore.

Thanks to the growth of the mobile app market, even bakers can now use a great app to help them price their baked goods right! The app is called Cost a Cake Pro, and it’s made by The Cake Makery, an organization dedicated to helping bakers get the most out of their skills.

Costing £2.49 / $3.99 on Google Play, it might seem like Cost a Cake Pro is a bit expensive, but the app can easily prove to be worth its price. The way it works is that it allows you to add recipes for your cakes, and the input the prices of the ingredients individually. It even gives you the option to add costs of electricity or gas used for baking your cakes. Not a single factor goes unaccounted for, as you also add the costs of the baking paper and cupcake tins used. After which, the app even asks you how much you think you should be paid for labor, and then it gives you a basic quotation for that particular recipe. You can then use the app to keep track of orders and quotes, and gives you the option to convert between the Imperial and Metric systems, and also gives you access to all the classes at The Cake Makery.

Costing Cakes

The app is also quite adorable and easy on the eyes, and using it doesn’t feel tedious at all. Once you’ve inputted a recipe, you can continue reusing it for different orders, adjusting ingredient costs and other fees effortlessly right from the app itself!

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