Simple Couture Cupcakes

There is always something special about a cupcake; little mouthfuls of loveliness in a perfect package. They can come in almost any flavour and with a multitude of decorations to please anyone. Cupcakes are still popular for weddings and celebrations for just these reasons and they can look stunningly beautiful too.

This week I’ve been trying some new Sugar Sheets from Cake Decorating Store and I’ve discovered just how simple it can be to create pretty couture cupcakes.

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I had never used sugar sheets before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. They can be susceptible to hot and cold conditions and need to be kept flat so should be stored carefully. However, I was impressed at how easy they were to handle making it very easy to cut shapes, using cutters, a craft knife or scissors. If they are a little hard to cut they just need to be placed in a slightly warmer place to soften up. I used a Snowflake Sugar Sheet and a Lace Print Sugar Sheet. These two designs are perfect for the Christmas table or for delicious Christmas  gifts presented in a pretty box. The lace sheet would also be lovely to make wedding cupcakes. The sheets were large enough to make at least 12 cupcakes or you could use them on the sides or top of a larger cake. They are incredibly cheap considering how effective the result is.

I made the cupcakes using a vanilla sponge recipe. I then cut shapes from the sugar sheets using a PME Flower Cutter Set  and a  PME Round Cutter Set. If you don’t have any other cutters these are good to start with as they are so versatile. The largest round cutter was the same size as the top of my cupcakes.

Here is how I decorated my Simple Couture Cupcakes…

1. Make a smooth dome from buttercream in the centre of the cupcake and smooth a circle of sugar sheet over it.

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2. Or, swirl buttercream onto the cupcake then add a circle of sugar sheet which has been set onto a circle of sugar-paste (fondant icing). This method was also used for the largest flower cutter. To do this cut a circle from rolled out fondant icing, brush gently over the top of it with a tiny amount of water, then place a circle the same size cut from the sugar sheet onto the top. This method is useful to make toppers in advance for a special occasion, but store them in a cool place in a cardboard box.

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3. Pearls were made by rolling little rounds of sugar-paste and dusting with a shimmer powder. Tip:- Allow the rounds of sugar-paste to dry for about half an hour. Tip a tiny amount of shimmer powder into a small food bag the tip in the sugar-paste rounds and shake the bag gently till they are all covered – so much easier than trying to brush them!

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4. Rose buds were made by making a little cone from sugar-paste. Then cut a flower from sugar-paste with the largest flower cutter. Place the cone into the centre of the flower shape and fold the petals around it one by one, folding the edges back a little to look like a rose.

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5. Petals were cut from the smallest flower cutter and a little round of sugar-paste in the centre.

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6. I sprinkled glitter over my finished cupcakes – check it’s edible!

7. I used pretty White / Ivory Floral Motif Cupcake Cases  and stunning snowflake cupcake wrappers.

Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

8. Add a little ivory ribbon bow to the front of the cupcake case or wrapper with a tiny dot of glue to complete the couture look!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I was asked by Cake Decorating Store to review these products which I found a delight to use. I only ever agree to try products which I am genuinely interested in myself and know other people will like. I found the company very helpful and friendly, clearly cake lovers and I love the website. As well as a very good choice of products it has lots of helpful information, ‘How to’ articles, and a blog which give lots of ideas and inspiration. I’ve seen lots of things I like and will definitely be a future customer.

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