Lemon Griestorte

Last week was European Cake Week on Great British Bake off. We saw Yeast Leavened Cake, Kugelhopfs, Savarins and Tortes and the final challenge was Mary Berry’s Prinsesstarta .

I was slightly unsure where to start baking – not too sure what was a Kugelhopf and what was a Savarin; and slightly unnerved by the amount of sweetness in the Tortes and Tarta’s. After a few weeks of trying to bake along with the Great British Bake Off I’m starting to struggle a bit with eating it all! I decided to try to find a lighter European Cake and found a lovely Lemon Griestorte in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

My Lemon Griestorte was baked following Mary’s recipe. ‘Self-Raising Flower’  has baked her way through Mary Berry’s Baking Bible and has a lovely blog post describing how to make Lemon Griestorte.

I filled my cake with a lemon, cream, mascarpone filling and added blueberries. I also piped some of the mascarpone mix onto the top of the cake to make it look pretty. The cake did need some ‘prettying’ as it was rather plain when baked and hadn’t risen very much as it has no flour. The end result however, was very scrummy. It’s a light cake with a slight graininess from the semolina and ground almonds it’s baked with. It would be very bland without a filling and the lemon, cream and mascarpone filling with blueberries was perfect. It was scrumptious without being over sweet – and would be suitable for afternoon tea as well as for a special occasion. Mary states that the cake keeps well but it would have to be stored in the fridge with this filling.

To make the filling I used 250g Mascarpone whisked together with 300g Double Cream and 4 teaspoons Lemon Extract ( I used Nielsen-Massey)until thick. For the blueberries, I made a syrup with the juice of 1 Lemon and 50g Caster Sugar – heated gently in a pan while stirring to dissolve the sugar then bring to the boil for a few minutes. When the syrup started to thicken I added a punnet of Blueberries, stirred them in so that they had a little heat and were covered in syrup, then I turned the heat off and allowed them to cool. The thick, syrupy blueberry mixture should be cooled fully before spooning onto a layer of the mascarpone mix in the middle of the cake.

A beautiful Prinsesstarta was baked by Kat at The Baking Explorer, who is also challenging herself to bake along with Great British Bake Off – it looks stunning!




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