Great British Bake Off – Tarts

Week 5 on The Great British Bake Off saw the intrepid bakers challenged with pies and tarts. I decided to make a Raspberry and Lemon Custard Tart. I used Pate Sucree – a French recipe for a sweet pastry but added lemon zest to the mix. I blind baked it to provide a cooked tart base. I made crème patissiere (a French set custard) with added lemon extract and allowed this to cool before it was added to the pastry base. I then made a raspberry curd to drizzle over the top, finally adding some fresh raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar.

Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

Raspberry Curd Recipe

200g Raspberries

Juice 1 Lemon

225g Caster Sugar

50g Butter, melted

2 Eggs

Cook the raspberries and till soft and mushy then strain to get all the juice but leaving all the seeds behind. Then add all the other ingredients and place in a bowl or pan over another pan of boiling water. Keep the water boiling while stirring all your ingredients continuously until starting to thicken. Allow the curd to cool before using.



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