Great British Bake Off – Bread

The Great British Bake Off ‘week three’ challenges were bread bakes. I did think about skipping this week as I’ve only ever baked one loaf of bread – a white loaf from Series 2 of Bake Off. Although it turned out well, I’ve never tried any bread since then and always prefer to bake cakes.

However, I’ve decided to challenge myself to try as many bakes as I can during this series of Great British Bake Off and so had to have a bash at Paul’s ciabatta. I managed to follow the recipe accurately and produced my own ciabatta! To my surprise it was very easy to follow and turned out well (although I don’t have to impress Paul).

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

This is definitely a ‘bake again’ recipe so I would recommend giving it a go.

I also tried an Irish Brack from the Great British Bake Off  Big Book of Baking which goes with the series. This was absolutely delicious kept for a day or two and served sliced with butter and marmalade:)

Created with Nokia Smart CamDesign



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