Baking and technology

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Baking with an Acer Iconia A1 Tablet

I have recently discovered the Acer Iconia A1 Tablet. I wouldn’t call myself a technological person and have generally been happy with my laptop and a mobile phone and think of myself as more of an artistic / creative person. I bake, make and create cakes and enjoy a creative life. What I’ve just discovered though is a creative girl’s best friend.
I’ve spent the past two weeks playing with an Acer Iconia A1 Tablet after I was kindly sent it to try. What I discovered is that I can search for recipes and pictures, ideas and inspiration as well as download You Tube tutorials, magazines and books and cake decorating apps!
The 7.9” screen is a perfect size to view while I’m actually baking which is a revelation as I usually struggle to see things on my phone. I like to be able to keep looking at the pictures as I work, particularly when I’m making sugar flowers and models for the top of cakes. And yes, although I have lots of recipe books I am always looking for new ideas and recipes.
I can also store documents so can keep all my new recipe ideas together and of course take photo’s of my newly baked creations. The battery lasts for 7.5 hours and the fact that it is big enough to see everything clearly and small enough to hold in one hand makes it the perfect accessory to take everywhere. I often need to show my cake creations and can create a scrumptious looking slideshow as well as check back to my recommended cake portions and sizes.
I can check out emails, play music, check out ‘Amazing Wedding Cakes’ and play with any number of other apps. Alas, I think my poor trusty old laptop may not be coming out so often – it’s just so much easier to keep the tablet close to hand.
You can find out all about the Acer Tablet and see more information and Iconia A1 Review.
This weekend I created a ‘Beatrix Potter Cake’ for my granddaughter, featuring Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and Mrs. Tittlemouse. I used the tablet to find pictures from her stories as well as finding cake ideas and modelling tips. The cake was a vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and strawberry chocolate ganache filling (I used 100g of Silver Spoon Strawberry Chocolate drops along with white chocolate). I think she was thrilled with the result!

Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam
NB. I was sent an Acer Iconia A1 Tablet to try but was not paid or asked to give any particular view point. Everything I have written is my own unbiased point of view and I only include comments which I believe are of use to others who may read my blog and enjoy similar things to myself.

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