Lemon Curd Rolls for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea doesn’t have to be a grand affair. Sometimes it’s just simply enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake outside on a sunny afternoon. Having some home-made cake available for just those occasions is something I love. As a child it was always a delight to visit my grandmother who always kept home-made cake in a tin. It was just the done thing to have cake available should anyone visit.

I love trying new recipes and recently found several afternoon tea recipes to try out at Baking Mad. This weekend I attempted their Lemon Curd Rolls recipe. I’m not quite sure if mine turned out exactly as they should have as they kind of melted together during baking and became more of a deliciously lemony cake more than separate rolls.

However, this resulting ‘cake’ was something quite scrumptiously moreish and just the thing to go with a cup of tea in the garden. It’s exactly the sort of cake to keep in a tin and serve to any fortunate visitor as it’s just a little denser than a sponge and has lots of lovely lemon curd layered inside to give it moisture. The simplicity of this bake also means it’s one to come back to time and time again.


I do believe in using good quality ingredients when baking and I’m sure that makes the difference between a good home-baked cake and a shop bought cake. Baking Mad recipes recommend using specific ingredients in their cake recipes and I was only too happy to follow this as I would use those items anyway. They recommend using Billington’s sugar, Allinson’s flour, Neilson Massey Lemon Extract and Silver Spoon icing sugar in the recipe I tried. I also used my own home-made lemon curd and local farm fresh free range eggs.

I was also pleased to see that Baking Mad have some lovely looking scone recipes for me to try. I recently visited Australia and tried a new scone recipe from over there but I have yet to decide on my favourite one. My scone research continues as they are always a favourite for afternoon tea but a great scone can be hard to find!

I bought all the ingredients I used myself and chose the recipe so everything I have written is my own opinion. I have received some other items in the post to try out some more Baking Mad recipes for which I am very grateful:)


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