Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

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Recipe for Chocolate Orange Cheesecake


200g Crushed Digestive Biscuits

75g Cocoa Powder

150g Unsalted Butter

900g Cream Cheese

4 Eggs

200g Dark Chocolate

Zest and Juice of Two Oranges


Preheat the oven to 160 c.

For the base, melt the butter in a pan and add the cocoa powder, blending well. Stir in the finely crushed biscuits then press the mixture into a greased 8″ loose bottom cake tin. Press down well and place in the fridge to cool.

Beat the four eggs, cream cheese and caster sugar together well with the zest and juice of the two oranges. Pour this mixture over the cooled base and place in the oven to bake for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The cheesecake should be still very slightly wobbly in the middle and will set when cool.

This would make a lovely Easter bake and could be decorated with grated chocolate swirls or even mini chocolate eggs.

This recipe was adapted from one in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. The Hummingbird Bakery was opened by Tarek Malouf in Portobello Road in London’s Notting Hill in 2004. He wanted to replicate the delicious cakes and desserts found in the USA, particularly New York. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is packed full of mouth-watering recipes from this unique bakery. I love the Carrot Cake and the absolutely scrumptious Hummingbird Cake. Packed with mashed bananas, pecans and pineapple, it’s a moist and delicious family favourite. Another of my favourites is the Brooklyn Blackout Cake made with three layers of chocolate sponge, filled and covered with a chocolate custard and finished with a fine topping of chocolate cake crumbs.




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