Gorgeous Giant Cupcakes

Giant cupcakes are fabulous for a tea party celebration – they are fairly easy to bake and decorate and can look and taste simply amazing. Ruth Clemens, at the Pink Whisk has a great Vanilla Giant Cupcake Recipe and shows how to bake the two halves of the cake.

To decorate you will need to allow the cakes to cool completely. First you will need to cover the bottom half with sugar-paste while it is upside down. Cover it completely with a layer of buttercream and smooth this as much as possible. Put the cake in the fridge for about half an hour or until the buttercream has set quite hard. The sugar-paste can then be rolled out, laid over the cake (upside down) and cut round the bottom edge.

This will need to set firmly and is best left for 24 hours. In order to retain moisture, I brush my sponges with syrup while they are still warm. The top one will be best stored in an airtight container while the bottom one will need to be stored in a dry place so it the sugar-paste can dry out. (A syrup can be made with sugar and water or flavourings can be added)

To complete the cake, the bottom half will be turned carefully up the right way. A layer of buttercream is then layered on to the top of this cake and the top cake then sits on top of that. The top can be decorated with swirls of buttercream to look just like a cupcake.

To make a chocolate sponge giant cupcake use the above recipe but substitute 75g of the flour with cocoa powder.

Here are three giant cupcakes I’ve made and decorated…

This is a giant cupcake made from vanilla sponge, filled with peach and apricot preserve and covered with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate sprinkles. The decorations were made from sugar-paste and royal icing. It was made to celebrate ‘prom’ night.


This is a vanilla and white chocolate birthday giant cupcake…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

This is a chocolate giant cupcake with chocolate buttercream decorated with hot pink gerbera flowers. It had 50 matching cupcakes.


Here is the tin you’ll need to bake a giant cupcake …





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