Last Minute Chocolate Christmas Cake

Things have been so busy this year that unfortunately I haven’t had time to bake as often as I would like. My Christmas Cake has been a last minute affair completed just in time – but I’m actually quite pleased with the result! It’s an 8″ chocolate cake, filled and covered with chocolate buttercream. I smoothed the buttercream all over the surface of the cake to provide a ‘crumb’ coating. The cake was then put into the fridge for about half an hour to allow the buttercream to go hard. I then covered the cake with sugar-paste with a hint of Ice Blue colour in it. I wrapped a glittery silver ribbon around the bottom and then added a row of white sugar-paste snowflakes, cut out with snowflake shaped cutters and sprinkled with glitter. To finish I added a silvery white candle, inserted into the centre of the cake. This was incredibly quick to achieve quite a stunning effect and if you were really short of time you could decorate a bought sponge. 🙂


Just one last thing to do and that’s to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!



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