Tarte Tatin

Titan Supper Club Tarte Tatin

I was recently asked by Titan Travel to join their Supper Club and have a go at baking Tarte Tatin. I was quite excited as the recipe was provided by Brendan, a contestant from last year’s  BBC2 Great British Bake Off. I love Great British Bake Off. Each year I watch it, completely mesmerised by the talent the contestants show, working under so much pressure. I usually try out a few bakes while the series is on, motivated and inspired but in awe of the fabulous bakes produced each week. Brendan was inspirational last year with consistently good bakes and has a blog brendanbakes.co.uk

Titan Travel sent me the recipe and a voucher to buy the ingredients needed to bake this month’s Supper Club bake. I’ve tried Tarte Tatin once before so was aware that it can be a little tricky to get right.  This recipe was different to the one I’ve tried previously and when I first read through it I couldn’t really understand how it worked. So I decided just to follow the recipe exactly to the letter and see what happened.

This recipe was perfect. I’m not just saying that because the ingredients were paid for – it worked beautifully and was truly, deliciously scrumptious! I felt so proud when I served it and could almost kid myself that I might be one of the Bake Off contestants!!

The recipe is here and I recommend a try.





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