Easy Blood Orange and Port Marmalade

Last year I made marmalade for the first time but found it quite laborious as the recipe had me boiling oranges in their skins and then chopping the skins finely. It took me an age and was incredibly messy! Recently I have been longing to try marmalade again and have had lots of lovely organic blood oranges. I decided to try to make blood orange marmalade but in the simplest way I could think of and it worked well. Blood oranges have a lovely sweet subtle flavour and  I added a little port to give some more depth – it also added a richness to the warm red colour of the marmalade.


I started with 5 blood oranges and grated the skin into a large pan. To this I added the juice of the oranges and the juice of two small lemons. I added more liquid to make 1 litre in total. The other parts of the fruit were placed in a muslin bag, tied up tightly and added to the pan. This mixture was then boiled for a few minutes. It was then left to stand overnight.

The next day I removed the muslin bag and squeezed all the juice from it back into the pan, then discarded the remains. 1 kg granulated sugar was then added and the pan heated gently, stirring to dissolve it. The pan was then brought to the boil and left to boil rapidly for about ten minutes. I then started to test for setting by taking a little on a teaspoon and placing it on a very cold saucer. It set quite quickly and was poured straight into jars.

Homemade marmalade is perfect on toast for breakfast but is also tempting for afternoon tea spread thickly on  your favourite tea loaf!




5 thoughts on “Easy Blood Orange and Port Marmalade

  1. Yum! I made mine with Amaretto, turned out really nicely. Every recipe is different, great that its so flexible to make.

    I agree with Nigel Slater who says that we marmalade makers are heartwarmingly generous folk, don’t you?


  2. This looks so tasty…I want a slice of toast now with some of this marmalade!! The blood oranges give a lovely colour and with the port too…yum! I like the sound of the method you used too! 🙂


    • Thanks! I was pleased it turned out well – I’m still a novice when it comes to marmalade and have been a bit put off by the thought of having to have a special pan and thermometer etc. The tips on your blog are really helpful too – I’d love to go on a workshop or course 🙂


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