Apricot Swiss Cakes

I baked my Apricot Swiss Cakes  using the recipe in Mary Berry’s book – 100 Cakes and Bakes.

They were made with butter, icing sugar, self-raising flour and cornflour and piped into baking cases. Mary says that they were traditionally made with a small amount of a red jam put into the centre but she has used apricot jam. They are then dusted lightly with icing sugar to finish. I made an apricot curd to put into the centre of mine which was heavenly with the light buttery cakes – very moreish unfortunately and I’m sorry to admit these didn’t get shared much! 🙂

Apricot Curd 

I made this by firstly cutting up 4 apricots and simmering in a little water until soft. I  removed the stones and mashed the softened mixture. I then put this with 50g butter, and 200g sugar in a bowl over boiling water, stirring until it was all melted together. I then added 3 beaten eggs and continued to stir until the mixture thickened – this took a long time and I almost gave up! I then poured into two small pots immediately. It was worth the effort and was delicious with Mary’s Swiss Cakes!



8 thoughts on “Apricot Swiss Cakes

  1. I like idea of these cakes…something a little bit different and very cute! The apricot curd sounds delicious too…probably a lot tastier than a big blob of jam! 🙂


  2. I like the look of these…something a little bit different and very cute! I love the fact that you’ve made apricot curd too…much better than a blob of jam!! Never thought of trying anything other than lemon curd! 🙂


  3. I’ve been searching for this recipe for YEARS. My dad used to make these when I was in Primary School (I am 64 now) – we had to take buns to be shared at our annual Xmas party and my dad (very talented man) used to make batches of these. He would put blob or apricot or rasberry jam in the centre and my class mates would fight to be sat at the table with dads buns on! Dad passed away in 2001 and I have been looking for the recipe ever since – I think this is it!!!! (dad also made and iced – with Royal icing and hundreds of hand made tiny roses – my wedding cakes x 2. He used to make all the Xmas cakes, mince pies, jam and lemon tarts and his trifles were to die for. Also a very talented artist and even made dresses for my mum during WW2) Thank you so much.


    • Hello Lynda, thank you for your lovely comment, your dad sounds like a very talented baker! Unfortunately, my blog has been a little neglected of late and I’ve noticed the links don’t work anymore meaning you cant access the recipe. I will try to send it by email but if you don’t receive it you can email me at sweetblissbakes@hotmail.co.uk and I will resend it. They are so deliciously light – well worth baking and remembering your dad’s lovely bakes:)


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