Luscious Lemon Pudding Cupcakes

I found this recipe in this month’s Sainsbury’s Magazine and decided to make some as a birthday gift. The recipe uses four lemons and lemon curd. The basic cupcake mix has lemon zest folded into it then when cooled it has a cone shape cut from the top. Lemon syrup is then poured into the hole and a little lemon curd. The buttercream icing is then made with some more of the lemon syrup. They then decorated the top with slices of lemon that had been soaked in the syrup but I decided to decorate with little lemon coloured butterflies. I  packed four cakes into a lovely little cupcase box I bought in Sainsbury’s too and tied with a ribbon – they looked really pretty!

Of course I had to taste some first to ensure they were suitable and can confirm that they were absolutely gorgeous! I will be making these again🙂

For more Sainsbury’s cupcake ideas and recipes see

9 thoughts on “Luscious Lemon Pudding Cupcakes

  1. Ooooo very nice…I like little cupcakes with surprise centres…and I love lemon curd…so these do indeed look luscious!!

    I agree with you on the hokey pokey too…not abundantly clear instructions…I’d definitely make it again though as the cake was delicious!🙂


    • Yes it was lovely I’d make that again too – I’m going to have to start a list of ‘bake again’ cakes so I remember which are the best!🙂


    • Hi! I made them from sugar paste – just added some yellow colour, rolled out and used a butterfly cutter. Then I folded the butterflies a little and left to dry before putting on the cakes🙂


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