Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake

The Weekly Bake Off challenge for this week was Mary Berry‘s Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake from her 100 Cakes and Bakes. http://weeklybakeoff.blogspot.com

The cake was a basic Victoria Sandwich with the addition of instant coffee melted with a little hot water and some chopped walnuts. I followed Mary’s easy ‘all-in-one’ method and the result was a light, well-risen cake. The buttercream filling and topping was coffee flavoured, again with instant coffee. I made extra buttercream so that there was plenty to spread!

The cake was then decorated with walnut praline. I was slightly confused here with the recipe as Mary instructed to put water and caster sugar in a pan ‘and heat gently until the sugar dissolves’. My instinct was to stir it to help it dissolve but this was clearly a mistake as the sugar crystallised and it was ruined. After checking with someone who had made it before I made a second batch and didn’t stir it at all but just watched it carefully until it started to change colour. I then took it quickly away from the heat and stirred in the walnut pieces which were then turned out onto non-stick baking parchment to set.

The finished cake was delicious and very popular with my taste testers who remarked that they wouldn’t normally choose coffee cake. A lovely, easy recipe to be recommended:)

8 thoughts on “Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake

  1. YUM! I love coffee & a coffee cake will be heavenly. These cake looks delicious & I love the way you’ve topped extra walnuts on the cake! Simply divine!🙂


    • I generally love Mary Berry’s recipes but have also had mixed results with the ‘all in one’ method. It can become quite solid and heavy if over beaten which is really easy to do with this method. I usually now beat my sugar and butter together well first so that the butter is soft and creamy, beat the eggs well, then add all the ingredients together, folding as lightly as I can and for no more than one minute. I also sometimes think a cake seems heavier when made with butter, I know some people use margarine for a lighter result. I do prefer butter and always use it as I think the taste is so much better. Rachel x


  2. Thank you I will have a go with margarine and beat together the margarine and sugar first,so hopefully this will work. I will let you know my result.


  3. Yes much better second attempt even the praline turned out well. Best not to stir at all just couple swirls round and yes it does take about twenty minutes on very low well worth being patient. Lovely cake!


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