Mary Berry’s Cupcakes

The Weekly Bake Off Challenge for this week was Cupcakes from Mary Berry‘s 100 Cakes and Bakes, page 52.

Cupcakes are just perfect for teatime and look lovely with vintage china and pretty cake stands. I must say though that I have only recently perfected making them as they always seemed to rise too much making them difficult to decorate. It was interesting to see that Mary Berry’s front cover for her book featured Cupcakes bursting open and high above their paper cases, although the picture inside appears to portray Cupcakes a little flatter and beautifully decorated.

This was one of Mary Berry’s super simple ‘all in one’ method cakes and I was really pleased when my Cupcakes came out of the oven perfectly risen but uniformly flat on top and ready to decorate.

I added a little pink colouring swirled into the butter icing and just added some sprinkles. I was short of time but they were quick and easy to make and the cakes were light and tasty!


They were so lovely I decided to make a second batch trying out my new rose shaped silicone cake mould tray! I used Mary’s recipe and rather than spoil the lovely shaped top I put the filling inside, including a little strawberry jam and some fresh sliced strawberries then just shook a little icing sugar over the top. I’m thinking of making some of these for Mother’s Day for my mum with clotted cream and strawberries inside!

6 thoughts on “Mary Berry’s Cupcakes

  1. wow, could you please leave the recipe i want to try to, the problem with my cupcakes is that they are always very greasy when taken out of the muffin tray.


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