Battenburg Cake


After struggling to catch up with ‘Weekly Bake Off’   (  I have now gone baking mad! I made Mary Berry’s Chocolate Brownies on Tuesday which were quickly gobbled by my grandchildren before I could get a photo.( Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes & Bakes pg 55) Today I’ve tried Battenburg for the first time. (100 Cakes & Bakes pg 15) All I can say is I take my hat off to those brave competitors on Great British Bake Off and anyone who bakes for a living – it’s so difficult to get cakes perfect! I really need lots more practise!!

I changed my Battenburg from the original recipe by using vanilla extract instead of almond extract in the sponge, I used my own strawberry jam to join the sponge pieces and I added a few drops of pink colouring to a white marzipan to make the pink marbled effect for the outside. I have also used Dove’s Farm gluten free flour for all my recipes – this has given a slightly different consistency in the baking (it can appear more crumbly) but the result is fine and tastes great.

All the cakes so far have received a big thumbs up on taste by all the family but I’m finding them to be a bit too sweet. I may try to experiment with less sugar if I get a bit more confident but not sure if it will alter the texture – I probably just need to eat less!

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