Easy Luxury Cranberry Jelly with Port and Orange

I thought I was ahead with my christmas planning as I started in november but as usual time has taken over and is going way too fast! There are so many things I’d like to bake but I don’t know if I’ll fit it all in. This cranberry jelly is quick and easy and totally luxurious as it has a full bottle of port in it – great for a special home made gift.


I started with a 400g bag of frozen cranberries placed in a pan, added the juice and zest of 1 orange and poured over them a full bottle of port. These were simmered gently until the cranberries were really soft. I then added 400g granulated sugar and continued to heat gently, stirring to allow the sugar to dissolve fully. I then turned the heat up to boil rapidly for a few minutes – testing regularly by taking a little on a teaspoon and pouring onto a very cold saucer. When it started to set it was poured into small jars – I had an assortment of sizes I had collected and it filled 7 small jars.

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