Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake

The Weekly Bake Off challenge for this week was Mary Berry‘s Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake from her 100 Cakes and Bakes. http://weeklybakeoff.blogspot.com

The cake was a basic Victoria Sandwich with the addition of instant coffee melted with a little hot water and some chopped walnuts. I followed Mary’s easy ‘all-in-one’ method and the result was a light, well-risen cake. The buttercream filling and topping was coffee flavoured, again with instant coffee. I made extra buttercream so that there was plenty to spread!

The cake was then decorated with walnut praline. I was slightly confused here with the recipe as Mary instructed to put water and caster sugar in a pan ‘and heat gently until the sugar dissolves’. My instinct was to stir it to help it dissolve but this was clearly a mistake as the sugar crystallised and it was ruined. After checking with someone who had made it before I made a second batch and didn’t stir it at all but just watched it carefully until it started to change colour. I then took it quickly away from the heat and stirred in the walnut pieces which were then turned out onto non-stick baking parchment to set.

The finished cake was delicious and very popular with my taste testers who remarked that they wouldn’t normally choose coffee cake. A lovely, easy recipe to be recommended:)

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2 thoughts on “Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake

  1. YUM! I love coffee & a coffee cake will be heavenly. These cake looks delicious & I love the way you’ve topped extra walnuts on the cake! Simply divine! :)


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