Baking Tips

Blissfully Scrumptious

Top Tips for perfect baking

For perfect sponges:-

  • make sure all the wet and dry ingredients are equal weight – weigh your eggs;
  • use warm ingredients to stop the mixture from curdling – warm eggs by placing them in their shells in a bowl of warm water;
  • fold in the flour gently to keep the sponge light, if you are using an all-in-one method make sure you beat the mixture for no more than one minute;
  • to retain moisture add a teaspoon of glycerine – useful when making a cake ahead to decorate;
  • always check your oven temperature on the shelf you want to use (usually the middle shelf);
  • don’t open the oven door before the cake is 3/4 baked;

When making pastry:-

    • use very cold butter straight from the fridge;
    • keep your hands cold by running cold water over your wrists;
    • work the mixture gently and lightly – don’t overwork;
    • divide the mixture into pieces, wrap and keep in the fridge – using one piece at a time to roll out lightly so you don’t have to keep re-rolling;

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